I had a Dream

I had a dream.  Real Estate improvements are drastically changed to adopt and use the new technologies in automation and robotics.  Road systems are redesigned for unmanned vehicles.  Buildings are reconfigured to have landing pads, charging stations, and maintenance housing and antenna systems.  Residential properties have mailboxes which can take and protect packages delivered from unmanned delivery vehicles.  Overhead wires are now buried to ensure that aerial vehicles have direct access to landing platforms.  Large retail stores are reconfigured to be package centers where consumers can go and directly pick up items or they can be transferred to automated delivery trucks. 

Highways and expressways are redesigned with automated traffic lanes so that interference with manned traffic can be avoided.  The skies are filled with drones being used for a variety of tasks from inspection to delivery.  The aerial traffic network is efficient.  It is designed so that both recreational and commercial traffic can be in the skies at the same time.  Properties once considered to be unusable are now used as unoccupied flight zones for aerial traffic.  All unmanned vehicles will all have identification chips.

The benefits for society are astronomical.  The impact is similar to when automobiles hit the roads for the first time.  The Federal Aviation Administration, FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB have established programs in making the roadways and airways safe.  Society has accepted the change and adoption of unmanned technologies.